About Us

Monk Island was conceived in 2017, when Armands started getting interested in how to reduce waste. The idea started while practising a zero waste lifestyle, since there was not a tooth paste package out there that would completely and naturally decompose, not pollute the environment with microplastics and would produced with an aim to reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time it seemed important for the tooth paste to be without excess substances, natural and healthy, but also perform all the hygiene functions. By preserving and materializing these ideas, in 2019 a natural and environmentally friendly tooth hygiene symbol was created – Monk Island.

Our values


Monk island tooth powder is made of four natural ingredients. Contrary to regular tooth pastes, it does not contain the preservatives and synthetic ingredients - Triclosan, nor does it contain petroleum products such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which gives the regular tooth pastes its foaming properties. We can surely say that using our tooth powder, you do not expose your body to the effects of chemicals.


Truly green

Not all “green thinking” companies are actually green, since many still use non-environmentally friendly packaging. We at Monk Island pack tooth powder in a naturally decomposing package which is made from cellulose. It fully decomposes in 85 days, so it doesn’t produce any waste after use. We are completely confident that using our tooth powder you wont contaminate the environment around you and the planet as a whole



One of our main goals is to reduce pollution caused by huge production in factories which keep emitting large amounts of CO2. We have calculated that the production of one Monk Island tooth powder package emits 45 times less CO2 than making a package out of glass and 31 times less than making a package out of plastic. All of our products are 100% handmade, they are produced in small amounts and from natural materials, obtained locally in the EU. We do not support testing on animals and all our products are vegan.